Isaiah 26:3-4 “You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trust in You. Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD GOD is an everlasting rock.”

Life can be very troubling. We find ourselves fighting against the rising tidewaters of life’s difficulties constantly. Difficulties arise unexpected and unannounced from areas of life like tension in relationships, self, finances, jobs, school, church, parenting, and attempting to live the Christian life worthy of the gospel in our current culture. Let’s face it. Life is hard. In these times we look for some relief and some peace to all that is unsettling. We need support and security. Life’s difficulties lead us on a chase to find peace anywhere we can find it. This endeavor to find peace anywhere can lead us to places that are not healthy. Or worse yet, we find ourselves in a pit of anxiety.

Where do you find peace in your time of need? To whom shall you seek for rest of mind, body, and soul? Be not anxious weary believer. The Lord has made provisions for you. To all who trust in Jesus will find rest and peace in times of uncertainty. When life sends you a blindsided event that alters the existence of your being you can know that God is not challenged by such an event. No, God is aware and calls you to trust in Him still. To come to Him and find your peace. To lay your troubles in His capable hands is to trust in Him and to tap into the much needed source of all the support that you need.

Let me leave you three thoughts to ponder.

1.  God is inviting you to come to Him continually. The mind that is stayed on God is the mind that is always displaying dependence on God. Humility is being dependent on God, pride is being anxious.

2.  God promises perfect peace to the troubled. Oh the tricks the mind can play on us. Far too often we are defeated from within. God promises you His peace that He may walk you through your current storm and create a victorious past for your coming troubles in the future.

3.  God invites you to Trust Him now and forever. God is eternal and this attribute commands our trust in Him as such. We can eternally trust God because He is eternal. God seeks to shift your focus away from a temporal problem, as heavy as it may be, and toward Him for sure footing in life’s storms.

Read these verses and make them personal by replacing the third person pronouns (him, he) with first person pronouns (me, I). Read them again and listen to the God that seeks to give you peace. Listen to the God that wants to bring you security and be the firm foundation that you need. Once you are there ask God to keep you there. To keep your mind firmly grounded on Him as the everlasting rock you need.  Remember God is not having us believe that He will make the troubles of life go away. God is promising to give us peace, perfect peace, in the midst of the chaos.

A final word of encouragement. You don’t have to wait on difficulties in life to trust God. Place your trust in God today. When storms of tomorrow come you will know even greater that God is there.