"Whatever you have commanded us we will do, and wherever you send us we will go."  Joshua 1:16 

Here we see a proclamation of total submission, total obedience, and total trust.  In this verse, the tribes of Israel were speaking to Joshua, acknowledging him as their leader. This should be our attitude toward the authorities under which God has placed us. Some examples would be government, local authorities, husbands, pastors, and parents. Provided these authorities are not demanding that we act in a way that contradicts God's law. But ultimately, this must be our response to God Himself.  

God wants and requires our total surrender to Him.  I have witnessed time and time again that the place of total surrender is the safest place to be.  The first move is HARD!  Filled with "what ifs," we are called to set aside our desire to cling to control.  We are being asked by the Creator of the universe to release the wheel of our own lives and let Him drive. (Gulp) We let go and there is the instant sensation of falling. Oh, but then, WITHOUT FAIL, we feel the arms of the Almighty catch us. Without fail. God is faithful. God is always faithful. He says He will never leave us. And God NEVER contradicts Himself.  (Deuteronomy 31:8)

So where are you? Are you at a stand-off?  Is God prompting you but you just can't take that step?  Even if you don't trust yourself or some other person, trust God.  He's got your back and your front and your side. Recall that in Joshua 4, God required the priests, at the Jordan River, to step into the river at flood stage. As soon as their feet touched the water, God rolled the water back and gave them dry ground.  Sometimes God gives us a clear path and then calls us to move in it as with the Red Sea crossing. Sometimes God calls us to step out in faith and obedience first, and then He clears the way like the Jordan River crossing. Sometimes God may even let us sink a little before He swoops us up like Peter walking on the water. But God is always in control.  Always with us. Always on His throne. He beckons us to trust. To surrender. To fully depend on Him.  Are you willing to do that? Will you take that first step? 

I'm reminded of the lyrics of a song.  I make it my prayer often but on the occasion that I'm not quite ready "to go there". I make it my "want to" prayer. Lord, I WANT these to be my words, my prayer, my commitment and trust level to You:

    “ If You say go, we will go.

     If You say wait, we will wait.

    If You say step out on the water, and they say it can't be done, 

    We'll fix our eyes on You, and we will come.”

He's got you.  #eyesonGod